About Christoffer Ravnsborg - Host at the Crypto Mastery Summit

About your Host Christoffer Ravnsborg

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Quick facts:

  • Born and raised in Denmark - now living in the Philippines 
  • Been involved with crypto since 2016
  • CEO of Business Process Outsourcing Company
  • Co-founder of a Crypto Trading SaaS
  • Affiliate marketer & SEO since 2013

I Want to Give Back to the Crypto Community - Give Back to You!

I was introduced to Bitcoin in 2012, but like many others I didn't jump on the early train due to difficulties acquiring Bitcoin.

But my luck changed 4 years later when I devoted myself to crypto investing and purchased my first couple of Bitcoins.

Fast forward to today and I'm a shareholder on several crypto websites and a successful crypto trading software.

After almost a decade long deep-dive on crypto and 100’s of hours studying - I'm ready to give back to the crypto community.

“I’m here to interview the brilliant minds of the Crypto Mastery Summit, and to help you get high quality brain fuel so you can fly to the #moon!”

Projects Christoffer Ravnsborg is involved with:

The MoolahNinjas Group:

Christoffer founded this series of websites in 14 different countries in 2013. The sites gives strategies, how to guides and information on how to make an income online and have had over 5 million readers.

The Bible of Making Money Online:

In 2018, Christoffer and a team of great researchers, writers and graphic designers made a 440 pages book on making money online.

The book has been distributed in 14 countries and currently available here.

Advallu Digital Asset Incubation:

After moving to the Philippines in 2016 and setting up an office, Christoffer saw potential in offering incubation for upcoming online businesses. Since it's beginning Advallu has employed more than 50 people and incubated 4 online businesses.

(Name Disclosed) Crypto Trading Software & Community:

The most recent project that Mr. Ravnsborg has been involved with is an exclusive crypto trading software which was launched in 2018.


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